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Computer +get and Artists Update.

Just gave the "Artists" page a super-massive Overhaul- Each letter has its own page now, so that loading and scrolling and finding doesn't take so long.
As well, I have a little bit of good news-
While my working on this project is still slow and spotty at best, because of school and work- I'm getting a laptop for Christmas (or so I hear) which means that I'll be able to dedicate my current computer to ZooFonics- which, in turn, means that the list of things we need to really get ZooFonics up and going gets a little smaller.
- Occoris

Raffle Over/Slight Update

And the raffle has ended! It took longer than it should have for me to get around to posting the results, but they are as follows:

FIRST PLACE goes to Niion!
SECOND PLACE to Natasha Softpaw!

Congratulations, Guys!

In other news, We just gave the website a miniature update- We now officially have a SpreadShirt store- SO go show us some support with your very own ZooFonics Apparrel!

Raffle: Update/New Prizes!

We've got two new prizes for the ZooFonics Raffle! As well- (and yes, I'm a tad late, here) It's been extended to the END OF MAY. (May pull it out to September. Jeez, you people. All you need to do is post a LINK somewhere!)


Here are the rules, for those of you who missed the last journal!

POST A LINK to ZooFonics somewhere- ANYWHERE! In a journal, in your profile-
Anyplace we people may see it- and COMMENT here, letting us know where it is.

THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO to be entered into the raffle. (Only can do once, unfortunately.)
At the end of may, the numbers will be run through a random number generator, and three winners will be chosen.

NOW! Onto the Prizes!

First Place:
Full Detail Art, up to two characters + background (Example.)
Hard copy of "Dues Ex Machina" by The Pinion (aka Darkpaw Camui) (preview: 1 2 3 4 5 6)

Second Place:
Detail Cel: Two Characters, +BG (example.)
Full Album MP3s of "Technocolor" by Shade Koba

Third Place:
Cel Shaded, Up to two characters + BG  (example)

1. Ikodo Moonstrife
2. Huepow00
3. Shade Koba
4. Natasha Softpaw
5. Equium
6. Matt Rat
7. Allen C
8. Forest Nashoba
9. Sirius the Wolfhound

New Launch Date!

We were originally aiming to launch the stream sometime December 2008.
But, it's a difficult task finding furry musicians AND reviewing so many songs, trying to fill out the genres- Etc.

So here's the new plan:

We're Aiming for September 2009.

Cross your fingers!

I talked to Felix a couple of days ago, and we have a streaming server set up, finally.
We gave it a relatively thorough testing, and it works in just about every media program that we've tried, except for Windows Media PLayer, it seems- but that's alright. Chances are that most of you have iTunes, Realplayer, or Winamp as well- right?

We might need somebody else to test the stream in W.M.P., but I'm confident that we're running well now. 

On the DJs: We officially have three now, with one occasional stand in if we need him- Krizzle, ZanZan, and myself,
as well as Felix Softpaw, on occasion.
what's going to be happening is that I'll be working- most likely with Krizzle- to get everything queued ahead of time, and then we'll just line everything up in WinAmp to play for the day. When the computer needs a break there will be a short break and we'll have ZanZan's, my primary computer, or perhaps Krizzle's do the lifting for awhile- just so you know what might be coming.

Krizzle sent out quite a few messages to various artists the other day, and got some good responses- we're still waiting for replies on some of them, and most of their names won't appear up here until I've finished collecting tracks from them.

On the bright side, one of them is Chama C. Fox, one of the founders/owners of The Furry Music Foundation, which whom we will be seeking an affiliation.
Another is Critical Fail, who is so awesome as to send us a copy of one of their CDs for airtime. Thank you very much Brody.

We might at some point implement a once-weekly talk show, supposing that we find enough to talk about.

But anyway- it all coming down to it, we're making leaps and bounds now, and the current realistic date for the official blastoff is sometime in December, hopefully sooner.

--Sigrid Occoris

Back ROlling; DJ edits; General info

And nearly a month later... Oh hey, an Update! 

I'm sorry it took so long to get back here, but things have been hectic.
ZooFonics slowed to a major crawl because of FurAffinity's month long downtime- to be honest it's one of the best ways to find furry musicians. 

But-- we come back with some news, of the good, the bad, and the ugly.
We're dropping the DJs. It's just too much for us (me), to look over and have to take care of alongside everything else.
This means a change in ZooFonics' prospective layout- and a rather big one, too.

We're going to cut back before we even get off the ground- or, more specifically, we're changing our prospective opening stream number from 9 individual genre streams to 1 conglomerate stream. 

This means: 8 tacks given slots along a 12 hour period, with a repeat after the midway point, and everything will be set up according GMT. I'll have the update on the "LISTEN!" page here soon, as well as the addition of a new artist or two.

Sorry for how long everything is taking to get set up; Soon, I say, Soon!

-- Sigrid Occoris

Site Up-and-Running!

Hey, the website's finally up! This means, those of you who have been watching the MyFursona account, that most of the important news will be posted here from now on, with links to this page every time something major is updated.

I want to give A very big thanks to Roy Cura, our HTML coder, and Lupinia.net for helping to make this happen! (you'll see these random thank-you-s everywhere, since I am really just that grateful)

We're still a long way from done, though. Right now we especially need: Musicians and their music, to play when the station finally goes live; and DJs to help us organize and stream the tracks; Any and all help is appreciated!

-- Sigrid Occoris